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About Datus Mortalìs
Datus Mortalis was founded in December 2008 (on server Lightning's Blade) with the goal to provide good progression with reasonable raid hours. Even though we consider ourselves a "casual" guild, we were one of the top guilds of Lightning's Blade progressionwise despite raiding less hours than most of the guilds with similar achievements.

We have moved to Mal'ganis in summer of 2013 to move to a more active server, several of our members are spread out and in many other several guilds while Datus is raiding casually on week-ends. We are planning a cross-realm flex raid reunion for everybody that was part of the guild at some point starting in September 2013.

Guild Master: Inzomniac
Officers: Zurak, Megabane, Darayn
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Datus is building a casual raid for Warlords of Draenor

by Spotnick, 8 days ago

We are looking for old guildmates on this one, more information in this thread here:

Warlords will change the way we raid, there are 3 difficulties (Normal, Heroic and Mythic), Heroic is what normal used to be and Normal now is what 10 man used to be in WOTLK.

It's cross-server and flexible, meaning you can join us from any server and we can have 10 to 30 persons in the raid and it will scale.. meaning, if you can't make it one night, there is no problem.

Raid should be on sunday nights, something like 8 to 11 eastern, and it's not going to be a stressful environement.

See you in Warlords!

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